More than just a hat

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Spring training has barely started, but George Martin – a lifelong baseball fan – has already had one of his most memorable days as a baseball fan. And it centered around a baseball hat.

Martin, a Bay Area resident, has been an A’s fan for a number of years, but it’s unclear how many years he will be able to cheer on the green and gold.

Martin turned 78 this past week, but rather than celebrating with cake, ice cream and a big party, he spent his birthday in a hospital bed battling multiple forms of cancer.

Knowing his health was declining and facing the reality that this may be Martin’s last birthday, members of his family reached out to the A’s organization days before Martin’s birthday in an attempt to make the day special.

Sending an email to a generic team feedback account can go any number of ways and sometimes it feels like no one ever reads those or responds, but the A’s responded in a big way.

The team didn’t do anything extravagant, but they did take the time to put together a care package with a birthday card an A’s hat, baseball cards, a schedule and various other items.

Upon opening the package Martin’s face lit up, his spirits were lifted and he immediately put on the A’s hat – which he hasn’t taken off since.

Baseball – and sports – is often boiled down to wins and losses, but sometimes the best stories come from off the field.

Martin is just an average fan and the email sent from his family member was likely just one of hundreds or thousands that the A’s receive. The team didn’t have to respond, but they did.

And odds are, if the A’s responded to Martin’s story, they’ve likely responded to plenty of others.

Kudos to the Oakland organization.


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